Understanding your bill

Given it’s our most common direct communication with you, it pays to understand the details of your bill.

Monitor your energy usage

Understanding your energy bill can also place you in better control when it comes to monitoring how much energy you use.

Different types of bill

Most of the time you probably just want to know what you need to pay and when.

But sometimes it helps to get a handle on the other details of your bill.

Take a look at different types of bill to view a sample gas bill, electricity bill and solar generation statement with explanations of each.

What is an estimated bill?

For various reasons, sometimes it’s tricky for us or your energy distributor to retrieve data from your meter.

If that’s the case, your bill might end up being calculated based on your previous usage.

Find out how it works and how you can avoid receiving an estimated bill.

Does your bill seem high?

Any changes in your household?

Are your meter details right?

Are you on the right plan and are your discounts being applied?

Our handy checklist details common reasons why electricity or gas bill may be higher than you expected.

Still have questions?

If there's anything about your bill that's not clear, we'd like to help.

Check out our FAQs or talk to us.


Need more time to pay your bill?

Give us a call or fill out a payment extension request form.

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