Better energy

Our customers

Our customers

Giving existing customers our best in-market plans has always been a big deal to us

Here’s what we’re doing to make sure all Australians have access to affordable, reliable and cleaner supplies of energy.

We’ve made sure our customers have access to great deals and we guarantee our existing customers can always access our best in market plans.

  • Since January we’ve sent our customers  more than 4 million letters and emails, with new offers that reward loyalty, like our Go Carbon Neutral movement and Velocity frequent flyer program.
  • We don’t change customers’ rates or benefits without informing them first. In fact, when a customer reaches the end of their benefit period they continue to receive the same discount, or we’ll notify them and move them onto a great value energy plan – at EnergyAustralia that’s standard practice.

  • Customers can access estimates of how much our electricity and gas plans cost -in dollars - each month.  You can select a similar household size or select custom to get a personalised  cost estimate. You'll find a graph showing average daily usage on your latest bill; an example of an EnergyAustralia bill is shown here when you click the usage information icon.

We’re making bills easier to understand.

  • We’ve just launched a new interactive gas and electricity electronic bill to make it easier for families and businesses to manage their accounts and understand exactly how much they’re paying for energy.

  • With our new e-bill customers can set the due date of the account as a calendar reminder, so they don’t risk missing out on any pay-on-time discounts or benefits.

  • With My Account our customers can monitor and control their energy usage.  By clicking on the usage details tab on the homepage, customers can track and monitor their usage over time.  Our customers with smart enabled meters can set up electricity high usage alerts, an SMS or email alert is sent when we detect that usage is higher than expected.

We’re making sure all our customers have access to affordable energy plans

  • If our customers are having trouble paying their energy bills, or want to find out how they can reduce their energy bills, we offer a range of financial and other support for some customers.
  • Our electricity and gas plans webpage provides estimates of how much they’ll cost – in dollars - each month, to make sure customers are on the right plan for them.  Our energy saving big ideas outlines the many ways our customers can cut their energy bills.
  • We understand that sometimes our customers need a little flexibility and help paying their bills. If they need some support, we can help with options for paying energy bills, government assistance or requesting a payment extension.