1. The Accredited Service Provider  will let us know when the supply connection for your site has been completed.
  2. The meter will be installed by a specific date that suits you or a date range of 5 business days.^ 
  3. You can have the meter installed within 6 business days from when we’re notified that the supply connection for your site has been completed. 

These timeframes won’t apply when:

  • You haven’t entered into an agreement with us for the meter installation
  • The site isn’t accessible, safe or ready for the installation
  • The installation requires interruption to another property’s supply
  • The supply connection hasn’t been completed
  • You’ve entered into an aggregated electricity consumption agreement that states these timeframes don’t apply.

After any exceptions are resolved, we’ll arrange to have the meter installed by a new date that suits you or within 6 business days of the resolution. 

^Please note that date ranges don’t apply to life support customers.