Rate Fix is a simple product that allows you to lock in your electricity and gas rates for two years at today’s rate. This means your consumption rates and daily supply charges are fixed and won’t rise during the two-year term, guaranteed.

The rate is based on today’s market based tariff.

There’s no catch, Rate Fix is simple – you’ll enjoy the same electricity and gas rates for two years, guaranteed. We don’t add a premium before we fix the rate or pass on any government, CPI or network price rises.

You can’t get a discount with Rate Fix. However you may receive an upfront rebate for signing up.

If you decide to leave EnergyAustralia before your contract expires and you have received a rebate when taking up the Rate Fix product, some, or all, of the rebate amount may be charged back as part of your exit fee when you leave us.

Your daily supply of electricity and gas is made up of daily supply charges and consumption rate charges – Rate Fix means these charges will be fixed for two years. Other possible charges, such as late payment, dishonour, disconnection, and credit card fees are not fixed and may vary during the term. These fees are the same for all our plans.

No. Rate Fix is a standalone product which offers customers the opportunity to fix their energy prices at today's rate for two years. When selecting one of our energy products customers should compare the benefits of a discount plan against a Rate Fix plan.

A discount plan provides a discount off your energy bill, although your energy prices may increase each year. Rate Fix allows customers to fix their current rates to guarantee no price rises for two years. Customers may also be eligible for a rebate off their first bill when signing up to our Rate Fix product.

Yes, solar customers can take up a Rate Fix plan with their eligible feed-in tariff. Please note that while your electricity and/or gas rates are guaranteed to stay the same for two years, any applicable solar buyback rebates or credits are not fixed, so subject to change.

No, PureEnergy is not available with Rate Fix.

Rate Fix is currently only available on a two year term.

Rate Fix is available in New South Wales and South Australia. It isn’t currently available in Victoria and Queensland.

Yes, if you’re an existing electricity and/or gas customer, you can simply switch from their current plan to Rate Fix.

Similar to other plans, on Rate Fix, you’ll receive a letter or a call to let you know your benefit period is coming to an end. You’ll be given an opportunity to select another plan or be placed onto a standard offer.

Your bill will look the same. The only difference is that your consumption rates and daily supply charges will remain the same during the two-year Benefit Period.

No, Rate Fix is a new product that was created for those customers that want certainty with their energy costs. Some customers have told us they’re worried about increasing energy rates and want a way to fix their prices to avoid future increases.

Yes, it doesn’t matter what meter type you have. If you change your meter type, you’ll remain on the product at the relevant meter pricing in your local distribution zone.