We are updating our systems to reflect the NSW regulatory change that came in to effect on January 1st 2018. Whilst we are updating our communications and systems you may still see references to these fees, in these instances we will ensure that a credit is applied to a bill following the system update.

Bill issue date prior to Jan 1st, 2018

This NSW regulatory change took effect from January 1st any bills issued prior to this date still incur a fee, however you can expect future bills not to incur this charge. In cases where a bill has not been updated we will ensure a credit is applied to a subsequent bill.

Bill issue date after Jan 1st, 2018

We apologise for the inconvenience. We are currently updating our systems in line with the NSW regulatory change. In the meantime you may have incurred a fee. As soon as our systems have been updated a credit will appear on the next following bill.

We understood when we introduced those fees in 2016 they wouldn’t be popular, but the rationale for the move applies as much today as it did then. We can’t continue to absorb printing and distribution chain expenses without it adding to the pressure on electricity prices. But, where laws change, of course we will comply.

EnergyAustralia recovers costs incurred in running its business. Third-party fees on credit cards are an example. We do that to avoid spreading a cost that’s incurred by a few across all customers. Of course, if the law were to change here too we would comply.

This NSW regulatory change took effect from January 1st. We are currently updating our systems to remove these fees. In the meantime, if you do incur a fee for a bill issued following 1 January we will ensure that a credit is applied to the bill following our system update.

The removal of exit fees does not apply to Secure Saver/Rate fix, plans with fixed tariffs are excluded. The exit fee only applies if you leave EnergyAustralia within the 2-year benefit period. If you move to another plan at EnergyAustralia or move property and stay with EnergyAustralia, the exit fee will not apply. Secure Saver rewards customers who commit to us and give us certainty in return we commit to them with no price increase.

These products may incur an exit fee. The NSW government has determined early termination fees can apply where the charge reflects costs incurred by the retailer for solar PV, batteries, digital meters or any associated equipment.

The legislation only applies to NSW; however, we are reviewing fees in other states. We will let you know if anything changes.

You can go to My Account and change your bill preferences at any time or call us to make the change. Don’t forget your eBill has some really great features including a usage summary and links that allow you to pay and view your bill. You can also set reminders for when your bill is due to be paid. 

Some plans have discounts and benefits that are linked to ebilling so before you decide to make the change refer to your current plan T&C’s or call us to check so you won’t miss out.