On 28 January 2018, we stopped charging over the counter and paper bill fees. You’ll see a bill message on your next bill confirming that these fees have been removed.

The change took effect on 28 January 2018. Prior to this date, these fees formed part of your contract and were payable by you. These fees will not appear on any bill you receive after 28 January 2018.  If you do notice one of these fees on your bill, it will have been charged in error. If you see these fees on any bill that you receive after 1 February 2018, they will have been charged in error. Please contact us and we will credit this amount to your bill.

Yes. You can go to My Account and change your bill preferences at any time or call us to make the change. Don’t forget your eBill has some really great features including a usage summary and links that allow you to pay and view your bill. You can also set reminders for when your bill is due to be paid. 

Some plans have discounts and benefits that are linked to eBilling so before you decide to make the change refer to your current plan terms and conditions or call us to check so you won’t miss out.

EnergyAustralia recovers costs incurred in running its business. Third-party fees on credit cards are an example. We do that to avoid spreading a cost that’s incurred by a few across all customers.

We know more than ever that every dollar matters for all Australians. We’ve listened and are removing charges for paper bills and over the counter fees.