The Victorian smart meter rollout is underway. Access information and resources to help you understand how it impacts you.

The electrical smart meter rollout

Over two million smart meters have now been installed in Victoria. All old electricity meters in Victorian homes and small businesses will be replaced with new digital smart meters by the end of 2013.

How smart meters work

Your new smart meter will be installed in the same spot as your old electricity meter.

There are a number of different types and models, but most smart meters tend to be a similar size as old electricity meters, but with a digital display and no dials. They measure and record power usage in 30 minute intervals.

How smart meters can help you          

New digital smart meters can do things that existing meters can’t.

Smart meters send meter readings directly to electricity distributors. So someone doesn’t need to come out to your house to read your meter if you decide to change your electricity retailer.

Flexible pricing plans for smart meters

If you live in Victoria, you could benefit from electricity plans designed for smart meters. In Victoria, EnergyAustralia will be introducing an optional new way of charging for your electricity use, called flexible pricing.

How to use your smart meter

You can use an in-home display connected to your smart meter to access information about your electricity use.

Who installs and owns smart meters

Smart meters are owned and installed by Victoria’s five electricity distributors – Citipower , PowercorJemena  ,  United Energy  and  SP AusNet . They own and manage the poles and wires that deliver power to Victorian homes and businesses.

You’ll need to contact your distributor if you have any questions about your new meter or any installation issues.

How much energy do they use?

Similar to your current meter's energy use, the level of energy required to run the smart meter is very low. You will not be billed for the energy used to run the metering equipment.

Full functionality may not be immediate

Your new meter may not have full functionality in the early stages of the smart meter rollout. The meter will continue to be manually read until the supporting telecommunications network and computer systems are fully operational.

Want to know more?

The Department of Primary Industries smart meter fact sheets  and flexible pricing information offer more information about what smart meters do, flexible pricing, installation safety and privacy.


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What information do I need to register for My Account?

To register for My Account, you'll need your Account Number (which can be found on your EnergyAustralia bill), an email address and some ID handy, like a Driver's Licence or Medicare Card, so that we can verify your identity.

You will also be asked to set up a password for your My Account.

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How is the bill estimate calculated?

We use data collected from a sample of our customers, across all states in which we operate, and who have been with us for at least 9 months. We have calculated the total energy costs  of similar households from the hundreds of thousands of customers sampled and divided that sum by the total number of customers. Using that as a base we have calculated the approximate energy costs for similar households for each month/quarter.

We then apply the rates for your zone, service charges, and any discounts which come with the plan you select. All these can differ from area to area, state to state, and in some cases even from winter to summer.

The simple part is that we do all the calculating. Our aim is to provide you with an indication of what customers of similar households living in your area could expect to pay on average per month/per quarter. It should not be used as an official quote. The amount you actually pay will be based on your individual energy usage.