What is the Energy Saving Rewards Program?

EnergyAustralia has partnered with Jemena, your local electricity distribution network, to reward customers for making simple changes to their energy usage to help lessen demand on the electricity grid during peak times.
Jemena owns and maintains the poles and wires that bring electricity to you.




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How can I reduce my power usage?

We will send you personalised energy saving tips and insights to help you understand how your household can reduce or shift energy usage during an event.

Reducing the amount of electricity you use could be as easy as adjusting your air-conditioning temperature, switching off your pool pump, or delaying a load of washing.^ As part of the program, you will receive regular personalised energy saving tips.

Heater / Air-Con
Heater & Air-Con^

Heaters and air conditioners can be big energy guzzlers. Adjust the thermostat to reduce the amount of electricity used.

Washing machine
Washing machine^

Delay putting on a load of washing and you can save up to 1 kWh.


Not running your dishwasher during an event could mean you reduce usage by around 1 kWh.

 Pool pump
Pool pump^

Switching your pool pump off during an event could save you up to 2kWh. 

^If you would normally run these appliances at the time when the event occurs. 

# You can unsubscribe at any time.

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