Go Neutral gets even bigger with large business customers signing up  


Our successful Go Neutral offering is Australia's largest carbon emissions offsetting program by any energy retailer, with more than 300,000 household customers currently enrolled. Thanks to them, we've offset more than 2.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. 

The carbon offsetting program works by cancelling out the carbon emissions associated with our customers' electricity or gas usage, or both. Best of all, there's no cost to customers who take part. 

We listened when our larger business customers told us they wanted their own carbon offsetting program. In June 2021, we responded with Business Carbon Neutral. 

Port Elliot Bakery, South Australia 

The Port Elliot Bakery has been glazing pastries and baking delicious cakes and pies since it opened in the 1860s. 

The bakery attracts people from around the country, undeterred by the long line of customers which often snakes down the street. They're happy to wait for what online reviewers say are “the softest, most delicious donuts I've ever tried”, “service which is quick and cheerful” and “Australia's best pies by a long shot”.  

The family-run business is a recent sign-up to Business Carbon Neutral.

Karen Roy, who's our Business Development Lead, explains that carbon neutral was the decisive factor in Port Elliot Bakery choosing EnergyAustralia as their retailer. 

"The bakery was actually offered a more competitive rate by another retailer. But their environmental impact is really important to them, so it was the opportunity to have 100 per cent of emissions from their energy offset through carbon neutrality that saw them want to sign with us.” 

Chelsea Horrocks, who's an owner of the popular bakery, said that the family joined Business Carbon Neutral with their children and grandchildren in mind – they want to see them take over the business and bake into the future.

“A sustainable approach to living is a necessary part of a healthy environment. That's why we want to contribute to our planet staying healthy for future generations, as well as for the plants and wildlife.

“The seven-generation principle asks us to think about the actions we employ today on the population, well into the future. If we all thought about this and made good choices in our day-to-day living, we can each help make a positive difference in the world we rely on. 

“That's why here at Port Elliot Bakery, we have made the conscious decision to limit our carbon footprint to help protect and preserve the future.” 

When Port Elliot locals and tourists are biting into their next cake, they can have confidence it's from a bakery playing its part for the environment. 

About Go Neutral 

EnergyAustralia is proud to keep the lights on for our customers while helping households and businesses to become more sustainable. 

Our carbon offsets come from accredited climate action projects around the world. Many of these carbon offset projects provide economic, social and environmental benefits to communities, in addition to reducing carbon emissions. 

They include projects in Arnhem Land and the Cape York Peninsula that are working to prevent large bushfires that generate greenhouse gas emissions. Also, there are connected renewable energy projects at wind farms across India and stopping greenhouse gases through landfill waste management in Brazil. 

Find out more about Go Neutral for commercial and industrial customers, Business Carbon Neutral for small to medium-sized businesses, and our Go Neutral product for residential customers.