Buying A Smaller Home: The Questions You Should Be Asking

Packing up moving house

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Buying a smaller property can not only save you a lot of money, but it’ll help you live more efficiently. To make the most of the experience, we’ve put together some of the questions that you should be asking (and answering) before moving.

1. How can I keep track of everything I need to do?

Trying to downsize your house can be tricky, and there will be lots of little things that might be difficult to remember. That’s why we’ve put together a printable four-week checklist that’ll look great on your fridge! There’s four tasks to tick off each week, and if you can stay on track, you’ll be making a smart move.

2. What items should I sell before moving?

If your old home was full of furniture, it might be time to think about a garage sale or offloading your extra stuff through a free online trading post, like Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. And don’t forget to upgrade your outdated appliances, which could be costing you hundreds (if not thousands) in excess energy. Buy products with a good Energy Rating and you’ll be saving money in the long run.

3. When will the utilities be connected?

The sooner you tell your utility services that you’re moving, the easier it’ll be. Start planning ahead to either re-connect or join new services at your next property a few weeks ahead of time. For your energy and gas, EnergyAustralia can guarantee to have you connected on the day you move in – or we’ll give you a $100 credit (terms and conditions apply).

4. What are the solar options?

Moving into a new property is the perfect time to invest in a solar power system. By harnessing the energy of the sun, you can put a big enough dent in your energy usage that the investment will end up paying for itself. If you’re not ready for your own solar panels but still want to support renewable energy, we’ve got a range of green energy plans available.

5. Can the house be more energy efficient?

Here are some quick changes you can make to your house to save power: install energy-saving light globes, switch appliances off at the wall, use cold water to wash clothes, and keep your showers shorter than 5 minutes. Still need more tips? We’ve got plenty more.

If you’ve asked (and answered) all of these questions, you are definitely a smart mover. EnergyAustralia has a range of electricity and gas plans to suit the needs of your new home, and if you’re an existing customer, you can arrange your move in just 5 minutes.