Important message for flood-affected customers with life support equipment


There have been severe floods and storms in areas of NSW and Queensland. If you’re a customer using life support equipment, here’s what to do if you think your power might be at risk due to flooding or in the event of an emergency.

Outage checklist

  • have an action plan to ensure life support machines operate normally
  • keep a source of back-up power ready for life support equipment, such as a battery or a generator, and check it regularly.
  • know what to do when a life support machine stops working
  • keep a mobile phone charged and subscribe to power outage notifications from distributors (where available). Your distributor  is the company responsible for the pipes, wires and poles in your area.


  • try to get access to a telephone that doesn’t require power to operate and a battery-operated radio to keep up to date with restoration of power supply during severe weather events.


  • make sure you have important information such as names, addresses and telephone numbers of your doctor, the nearest hospital and family and friends who can help you.


  • consider making an emergency plan with your doctor for extended outages and emergencies.
  • keep a torch with working batteries handy at all times
  • get in touch with your distributor on the emergency line

If an unplanned power outage results in a life-threatening situation, call 000 and request an ambulance immediately.

If you are currently experiening an outage due to storms, please refer to the Ausgrid website for the latest power outage information:

Should you need to make a claim :


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