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EnergyAustralia named the top electricity provider for New South Wales and South East Queensland


EnergyAustralia has been named the best overall electricity provider in New South Wales and South East Queensland, following a year-long (April 2018- April 2019) program by consumer organisation Choice.
A combination of fair pricing, good customer service and the availability of green energy options for consumers earned EnergyAustralia an excellent overall score of 79 per cent in NSW – 25 per cent more than the next best provider. In SE Queensland, the company topped out with 70 per cent.

As only four regions – New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and South East Queensland – are deregulated, Choice could not reveal a best provider across the whole of Australia, but instead named the preferred companies in each area.
The results were announced after Choice’s Transformer program – a service that helped people save money on their electricity bills throughout the year by encouraging them to switch to the best publicly available deals – came to an end. In all, more than 13,000 bills were compared and reams of vital data gathered, with EnergyAustralia faring well across the board.
Here are the key factors behind the result.

Preferred Price Points

No Frills plan was highlighted for offering consumers a secure fixed-price contract at a competitive price.
The service promises a wealth of benefits to customers including a 12-month period of fixed electricity prices; no lock-in contract or exit fees; low rates; built-in savings; and the possibility to opt for 100 per cent carbon neutral electricity at no extra cost.
EnergyAustralia earned an exceptional score of 88 per cent for its pricing in SE Queensland and 83 per cent in NSW.

Superior Service

EnergyAustralia’s focus on offering the best possible customer service was again recognised.
As consumers were encouraged to switch their electricity plan, the company was recognised for the strength of its service in welcoming new customers, for helping them make the transition quickly and simply, and for offering clear access to information.
Positive feedback was also received for the quality of EnergyAustralia’s general communications and the clarity of electricity bills – leading to a consistent score of 78 per cent across both NSW and SE Queensland.
The Choice result is another boon for EnergyAustralia’s Customer Service team, which has been awarded the
Best Digital Customer Experience four years in a row by Global Reviews.

Going Green

Renewable energy options are increasingly important to consumers – a point highlighted by the Transformer program. EnergyAustralia’s recognition of this, through its
PureEnergy service, helped the company again perform strongly.
If you are an EnergyAustralia customer, the GreenPower government-accredited PureEnergy options give you the power to choose whether you receive 10, 20 or 100 per cent of your electricity from green energy sources (such as solar, wind, hydroelectric or biomass waste).
In NSW, EnergyAustralia’s score of 74 per cent was more than 25 per cent ahead of the next best provider.  

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