Power for Good


The EnergyAustralia Power for Good is a new energy-efficiency program aimed at cutting charities' electricity bills by up to half.  

When we find ways for a charity to spend less on electricity, it means more of the funds they raise can go toward doing what they do best – helping vulnerable people in need.

We believe with the right approach and technology, it's possible to dramatically reduce annual electricity bills. 

Under the program, we will conduct audits of participating charities to identify where and how they can use energy more efficiently and sustainably, and based on the audit findings, we'll install batteries, solar PV, and smart energy management systems, and provide advice for upgrading appliances. 

This initiative will also deliver more flexible demand response to help ensure the electricity market can supply reliable and affordable electricity to all consumers.  The program will add to the more than 50MW portfolio of demand response EnergyAustralia has already built to help the grid meet peak demands.

The EnergyAustralia Power for Good program will begin with an initial commitment of $5 million in the first year, with a maximum of $15 million committed to the program over three years. 

Charitable organisations can express interest in participating in the EnergyAustralia Power for Good program by emailing: PowerforGood@energyaustralia.com.au