We know the environment needs our help, now and into the future

As part of our commitment to cleaner energy for all, we want to help you make informed, sustainable choices. 

Go Neutral

Through our program, Go Neutral, you can choose 100% carbon neutral energy in your home, at no extra cost.

You can opt in to carbon neutral energy on any of our residential electricity or gas plans. Offsetting starts from the six month anniversary of the date each account is established.

How does it work?

To make your home energy carbon neutral, we buy enough carbon offset units to fully offset the carbon emissions associated with your energy use – your electricity or gas, or both.

Local and global offset projects

These carbon offsets come from a range of projects, from revegetation and hazard reduction-burning initiatives in Australia to pioneering wind farm projects in China and large-scale lightbulb upgrades in India.

Each project plays a part in reducing carbon emissions and helps local communities too.

Opt in for carbon neutral energy, at no extra cost.

Solar power

Using the sun for energy is not new, but the technology and innovation around solar energy is always evolving. 

With our help, you can choose a solar system to get the best benefits from solar energy – for your budget and the environment.

Rays for days, months and years

The main advantage of solar energy is that it’s a truly renewable energy source. And with battery storage, you can store excess or leftover energy generated by your solar energy system during the day, so you can use it in the evening or whenever it’s needed.

Expert help

Whether you’re looking to add battery storage to your existing solar power system, or looking for a complete solar package, we’ll make the process simple with a solution tailored to your needs. 

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GreenPower and green energy 

GreenPower is the official government program helping Australians adopt renewable energy through energy providers, such as us.

When we talk about green energy, we mean renewable energy resources and technologies with the greatest benefit to the environment. 

This is electricity generated from solar, wind, biomass (fuel from organic materials such as scrap wood and manure) and hydroelectric sources (water power). 

It’s easy buying Green

Choosing GreenPower means you tell us how much of your energy use you want to be generated by renewable energy. As a residential customer, you can choose 10, 20 or 100 percent, and we add that amount of green energy to the electricity grid on your behalf. 

For example, if you choose 20 percent GreenPower, that means a fifth of your electricity will come from renewable energy sources.

Green is good

GreenPower is a great choice as it helps support renewable energy, and as the electricity you’re buying produces no greenhouse gases, it’s great news for the environment too. 

Add GreenPower to your electricity