Solar rebates

Switching to solar? You could be eligible for upfront rebates and ongoing returns. EnergyAustralia makes switching to solar that much easier.

Solar rebates

Save money with solar power

If you're looking at solar you may be eligible for different rebates.

There are two kinds of rebates available with solar:

Upfront rebates: Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

STCs are electronic certificates  created when eligible solar power systems or solar water heaters are installed. When you purchase a solar system from EnergyAustralia you can assign your systems STCs to EnergyAustralia in exchange for a reduced price on your solar power system purchase. By doing so, we also help make the rebate process simple and efficient.  We make sure your installer has the correct accreditation and manage all the compliance paperwork for you.

Solar Credits

Previously, your system could be eligible for multiple Solar Credits, a mechanism which increases the number of STCs the system can receive.

On 16 November 2012, the Australian Government announced that the Solar Credits mulitplier would be phased out for small-scale systems installed from
1 January 2013.


Solar energy ‘payback’ is the amount of time it takes for a solar system to pay for your initial investment. Payback periods vary on many factors including:
  • Solar system size
  • Your consumption patterns
  • How you've paid for your system including finance options
  • The feed in tariff that you are eligible for; and
  • Weather patterns over time
Our Solar Consultants can walk through the Solar Rebates with you and help find the best solution for your home. 
You can also find out how you can get solar for less with our current Solar limited offers.

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