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With a solar panel system from EnergyAustralia, you can reduce your electricity bills, giving you control of your electricity costs now and into the future.

We’ll guide you through the entire process, from assessing your energy requirements, through installation, solar rebates and your new feed-in tariff electricity contract.

We offer a complete range of system configurations to suit your specific household needs.

We’ll help find the right solar system for you.




People at home

People at home

People at home

Average quarterly bill without solar

Average quarterly bill without solar

Average quarterly bill without solar

A smaller solar system to suit a couple or small family in an average sized home.

A medium sized solar system for the average or growing family.

A larger solar system which suits a big family with an above average sized home.

Solar system size
1.5kW - 2.5kW

Solar system size
3kW - 4kW

Solar system size

Number of panels

Number of panels

Number of panels

Estimated annual savings off your electricity bill
1,2$490 - $950

Estimated annual savings off your electricity bill
1,2$985 - $1500

Estimated annual savings off your electricity bill
1,2$1475 - $1900

Prices starting from $23993 upfront, interest free payment plans also available4

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1Figure is based on a flat electrcity rate of $0.25c per kW/h. 2Figure based on CEC guide to buying solar Dec 2012. The lower figure is based on a home in Melbourne with the smaller system size in the range. The higher figure is based on a home in Brisbane with the larger system size in the range. 3Upfront pricing based on a 1.5kW system. All prices assumes that (a) your premises are a single storey with an accessible roof in a metro region within 100km of Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane or Melbourne CBD; (b) your premises meets the eligibility criteria to receive STCs; and (c) you assign all eligible STCs from your system to EnergyAustralia. Additional charges may apply outside of a standard installation. 4Additional charges apply with payment plan. Terms and conditions apply, contact us for more information.

Licence numbers:
New South Wales, Contractor Licence: 248747C
Queensland, Electrical Contractor Licence: 74597
South Australia, Contractors Licence: PGE 244509

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