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Solar power for your home means saving money by using the sun’s free energy to power your household during the day. Choose our solar power experts to guide you through the whole process, from the initial consultation, to seeing the savings on your electricity bill.

  • We’ll tailor systems to suit your energy usage needs and budget.
  • We have the latest technology in black panels and microinverters available.
  • We provide a choice of leading brands with comprehensive warranties and local support.
  • Our Price Match Promise guarantees the best price on quality products.
  • Installation by fully licensed, CEC accredited field technicians.
  • We'll be here to fulfil any warranty or maintenance needs long term.
  • We value your time so we show up on time.

Head to our Buyer's Guide to find out how solar power works and other useful information about buying a system.

Are you considering solar power for your business? Find out more about our tailored solar solutions for businesses.

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