As part of our approach to climate change, we’ve introduced a number of initiatives to help reduce our impact on the environment.

About our climate change initiatives

Initiatives range from brown coal generation options that have the potential to significantly reduce emissions, to research projects and operational and performance improvements.

Our initiatives:

Brown coal projects

EnergyAustralia is working on a range of projects using brown coal to reduce our carbon emissions.

Victoria’s carbon capture and storage project

We participate in CarbonNet, a carbon capture and storage project supported by the Victorian and Federal Governments.

In 2011 we completed two pre-feasibility studies. One was for an integrated gasification combined cycle power station with carbon capture (IGCC) at Yallourn, based on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ high-efficiency gasification and gas turbine technology.

In partnership with Loy Yang Power, a second study looked at a post-combustion carbon capture plant (PCC), which was also based on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ technology.

EnergyAustralia continues to work with its partners on other high-efficiency brown coal generation options that could significantly reduce carbon and other atmospheric emissions.

Research and development projects

EnergyAustralia also participates in research and development projects with Monash University and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) for longer term innovations that could significantly reduce the cost of low emissions power generation from brown coal.

These projects are sponsored by Brown Coal Innovation Australia and Australian National Low Emissions Coal Research and Development.

EnergyAustralia is working with a range of parties to develop technologies that produce coal-derived products, including coal drying and conversion of brown coal to liquids, gases and chemicals. These could add significant value to brown coal and alternatives to electricity generation.

Assessing our environmental performance

Consideration for the environmental impact of our operations is integrated into our top-level decision-making processes as well as our day-to-day operations.

All EnergyAustralia heavy industry operations are certified to international Environmental Management Systems standard ISO 14001, requiring further systematic assessment and monitoring of our environmental performance against established targets.

Operational improvements

Improvements to EnergyAustralia’s diverse business operations take place almost every day. These initiatives deliver better, more efficient use of resources, reduce our impact on the environment, and help to improve the level of service we provide our customers.

Sustainable procurement procedures

EnergyAustralia has launched the Responsible Procurement Policy Statement (RePPS) to strengthen the quality and cost effectiveness of the products and services it procures. RePPS is aligned with Energy Australia’s Procurement policy.

The Procurement policy and RePPS underpins our procurement processes and procedures, including tendering and ongoing contract management measures to ensure that health, safety, environment and quality offers and financial offers from our suppliers consistently meet EnergyAustralia standards.

Our Climate Change Strategy

The strategy defines the way we measure and manage the impact of our operations on the environment.

Find out more about our strategy