Climate change

To date, we remain the only Australian energy utility to publicly commit to comprehensive short, medium and long-term climate change targets.

Climate change

Our Climate Change Strategy

The launch of our Climate Change Strategy in July 2007 was unquestionably the largest step we have ever taken to define our environmental responsibilities to measure and manage the impact of our operations on the environment.

Meeting climate change targets

We will meet our climate change targets through four key areas of work:

A cap on our carbon intensity

We will not build green-field power stations using traditional coal-fired technologies.

Reduce our emissions

We will reduce emissions from operations, manage waste and support CO2 community reduction schemes.

Invest in low and zero emission technology

We will invest in more renewable energy, direct investment to low emission technologies and support research and development.

Help customers manage their own footprint

We will offer new energy efficient products and services, and help customers to offset emissions.

Our greenhouse gas emission reduction target

The overriding goal of our Climate Change Strategy is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 60 per cent by 2050 – based on a 1990 emissions baseline for the National Electricity Market (NEM) and EnergyAustralia’s market share of the NEM in 2050.

Short and long-term targets

Both short and longer-term emission reduction targets are required to ensure that EnergyAustralia is responsible for its proportion of emissions reduction in Australia, even as the business works towards its goal of growing its share of the national energy market.

Our long-term goals

The Climate Change Strategy will ensure we develop only commercially viable and environmentally responsible energy generation assets to meet market demand, such as our Tallawarra gas-fired power station. We will also assist our customers to reduce their environmental footprint through changes to our products and services, such as the opportunity for consumers to access information on how to use appliances more efficiently around the home.

Our climate change initiatives

These initiatives range from new brown coal generation options, to research projects, to operational and performance improvements.

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